School zone safety reminders for motorists

There are several things that motorists and pedestrians can do to reduce the chances of an accident in school zones.

Now that school is once again in session throughout Oregon, school zones will become much busier places, especially during the times when classes are just starting or finishing for the day. The increase in people in these regions at these times means that drivers may face unique challenges during their daily commutes, and they need to be aware of some of the dangers they may encounter.

Motorists who will be driving through school zones can take some measures to help prevent unfortunate pedestrian accidents from occurring. They should be sure that they allow themselves extra time to deal with any issues that may arise near the school. Delays are common, and if drivers plan ahead, they will not feel rushed when traveling in school zones.

It is extremely important that all motorists pay close attention to what is happening when driving near schools, which means keeping their eyes on the road and avoiding distractions, such as their phones. Children might forget to look both ways before trying to cross a roadway, and those motorists who are distracted in some manner may be unable to stop.

Drivers also need to be familiar with the traffic laws concerning school buses that they may meet when they are out on the roads. If the bus has stopped, and its red lights are flashing, it is illegal to pass the bus until the lights have been turned off. Because of the size of the buses, it might be difficult for individuals in other vehicles to be able to see the children nearby. The safety lights prevent motorists from speeding past when children still may be in an unsafe location.

Parents can also help their children by discussing some school safety tips with them regarding traffic in school zones. They can remind their children to be sure a roadway is clear before attempting to cross. Also, if their children take the bus to school, parents need to stress that children should not run into the roadways near the buses. Many children are excited to see their parents after school, or might be late trying to catch the bus, and run into the roadway without thinking about traffic. Drivers will not expect this behavior, and it might lead to an accident.

If your loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, you should speak to an experienced attorney about recovering compensation for the injuries that resulted from the accident. You may have several questions, and your attorney will be able to provide you with the answers and advice you need to make the best decisions for your claims.

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