Workplace Injuries

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Workplace Injuries

Workers of any occupation deserve to be able to get the job done safely without having to worry about career ending injuries. It is the responsibility of an employer or general contractor to keep the risks as low as possible and to implement and enforce rigid safety practices. When employers and contractors fail to maintain a safe environment, the injured worker may have an injury claim.

Workplace Injuries Overview

Workplace injuries can happen in any environment. The dangers of a construction site are well known but a simple renovation project in a store can be just as deadly. When accidents do happen, the results can be catastrophic. Workplace injuries are often career ending, painful, and costly for victims and their families. Getting injured on the job can also be confusing because there are usually several people involved in a worksite and it can be difficult to tell who is responsible. To make matters more complicated, there are various remedies and limitations for victims of worksite injuries and it takes an experienced attorney to discover and pursue “third party claims”.

A “third party claim” is a lawsuit against someone other than the injured worker’s immediate employer. In many cases, injuries are not caused by employers but by someone else. Common third party claims exist against general contractors, other subcontractors, landowners, and manufacturers of defective machines and equipment. Third party claims are also important to consider because Workers’ Compensation doesn’t always cover the pain and suffering experienced by someone hurt on the job.

Construction Accident Lawyers Help You

Common causes of workplace injuries, where a third party may be involved, include, but are not limited to:

  • Premise Liability – When the work environment or the conditions on the land are dangerous. Premise liability can also include cases where there was a failure to warn about dangerous conditions in the work area.
  • Contractor Liability – When a contractors’ work or inactivity causes or leads to an injury to another worker. General contractors that fail to set safety standards can also be responsible for injuries.
  • Equipment Defects and Accidents – When injuries are caused by equipment and machines that are broken or defective. Equipment defects can range from small handheld tools to heavy construction vehicles. An equipment or machine is also considered defective if it was designed in an unsafe manner or if there was a lack of warning associated with the danger. These claims usually require expert evaluation to determine if the equipment meats engineering and safety standards.
  • Industrial Accidents – When injuries are caused by explosions, electrocution, toxic chemicals, and things that are inherently dangerous.

Injuries from workplace accidents and construction sites can range from minor concussions to disabling injuries and death. Some claims are straightforward and others require some digging to discover who was responsible. In any case, it is important to contact a lawyer because causes of worksite accidents and third party claims are not always obvious. It takes years of experience to recognize the signs of third party liability and equipment defects.

Our firm is nationally renowned for our experience in workplace accidents. Our senior partner is a leading expert in the field of construction equipment defects and he has tried cases throughout the United States on behalf of victims. We have the resources and experience to handle simple and complex cases; and more importantly, we have the skills to get results. With over 120 combined years of practice, we can work with you to evaluate and pursue a legal claim.

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