Beware of Drinking Swill

August 5, 2014 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP
beware of drinking swill

The seasonal beer “Swill” has been found to explode in the bottles they come in. “Swill” is a fruit beer made by 10 Barrel Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. These beer bottle explosions can send shards of glass flying into the air. Although there have been no reported serious injuries, consumers have had close calls with glass flying towards their face. Since these explosions were reported, 10 Barrel Brewing Company has issued a recall and pulled supplies off the shelf at stores. One day after “Swill” was recalled, the 10 Barrel Brewing Company also recalled “Beer No. 1” for similar reports of explosions.

“Swill” and “Beer No. 1” exploded because of an enzyme found in their ingredients. A special enzyme was put into the two beers when they were brewed to cut down starch and super-charge fermentation. However, the enzyme was so effective that it caused a dangerous buildup of carbonation in the bottles. The bottles would then explode when they could no longer contain the pressure.

Although these products are no longer sold in stores, they may remain in refrigerators and pantries of beer drinkers. Consumers who have bought the beer are encouraged to get rid of them with gloves and eye-protection. Just because some of these beer bottles have not exploded, does not mean they will never explode. Given the nature of these explosions, we encourage all consumers to treat “Swill” and “Beer No. 1” with care, and happy safe beer drinking to all. Cheers.

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