Airbags that blow up and blow it.

April 21, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

airbags in nissan vehiclesThe Takata airbag recall is expanding. For those who have not been keeping up with the news, some of the airbags found in Nissan vehicles have been exploding in the faces of the people they are meant to protect. Instead of creating a cushion to reduce the force of impact, these airbags shoot metal shrapnel at drivers and passengers, maiming or killing them.

Although a recall was initiated last year after national outrage, the recall was restricted to areas with high humidity and only affected a minority of states. At that time, many people (including this firm) questioned if the recall action was enough.

These worries were proven when a women in Louisiana suffered severe injuries after a Takata airbag exploded. Louisiana was not one of the states in which the recall was taken. As a result of this tragic incident, government officials and consumer protection groups are pushing Nissan to have the recall expanded further. However, it shouldn’t take human lives for companies to take responsibility for faulty products. These tragedies could have been prevented if a recall was issued sooner and covered all affected vehicles.

This isn’t the only problem that Nissan has had with their airbags. Law Partner Brendan Dummigan is currently pursuing another Nissan airbag case in which the airbag opened far too late, smacking the driver in the face with such force that it ruptured an eyeball and resulted in the loss of one eye. Dummigan describes the airbag mechanism as “rocket fuel that is shooting these things out…” When an airbag functions incorrectly, it can actually cause more damage than it prevents.

Airbag technology is complex but safe if manufactured correctly and carefully. When manufacturers take the time to design a good product, they can save lives. However, when manufacturers take shortcuts and worry about profit before safety, our loved ones can get hurt or killed. We hope Nissan and other auto manufacturers will do the right thing in the future and keep our community safe. Airbags should save lives not put them in more danger.

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