How to Keep Teenage Drivers Safe

August 24, 2018 | By

teenage driver

Most parents are afraid to let their teens on the road by themselves. Car accidents are the top causes of death in teens. They are also three times more likely to get into a car accident than older drivers. Fortunately, there are things that parents can do to keep their teens safe while behind the wheel.


One of the best things that you can do to prepare your teen for the road is to let them practice. It is a good idea for teens to spend 30 to 50 hours driving with an adult before they drive by themselves. Teens should drive during different times of the day and night. They should also drive in different weather conditions.

Teach Defensive Driving 

Defensive driving is one of the keys to being safe while behind the wheel. Defensive drivers are always aware of what is going on around them and can react quickly in order to avoid an accident.

Discourage Speeding 

Speeding plays a role in about 31 percent of the fatal car accidents that occur each year. This behavior should be discouraged. Speeding can easily cause a person to lose control of the car. It will also be harder for a person to make an emergency stop if they are speeding.

Encourage Them to Ride Alone 

Teens who drive with their peers in the car are more likely to get in an accident. Other teens can be a distraction. Studies have also shown that teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior if someone else is behind the wheel.

Discourage Texting 

Texting is a distraction. Even if texting is done while at a stop sign or red light, it can still be a distraction. You should discourage your teen from texting and driving.

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