Common Factors in Truck Accidents

October 26, 2018 | By

truck accident

Any truck injury lawyer in Portland knows that truck accidents are among the worst tragedies that occur on U.S. highways. They regularly result in fatalities along with very serious injuries and property damage. One of the most horrifying experiences on the highway is actually being near a big-rig when it goes out of control for whatever reason. However, there are some general aspects of trucks accidents that are very common among all of them regarding how they occur.

Excessive Speed

All truck deliveries run on a schedule that often requires drivers to reach their destination as soon as possible. In fact, many times there are bonuses available for drivers who arrive ahead of schedule. This situation alone leads to drivers exceeding speed limits on a regular basis, often resulting in the vehicle going out of control in certain situations.

Shifted Cargo

Another problem that is common to many truck accidents in when the cargo is not stabilized properly. This is especially problematic for flatbed trailers that carry cargo secured by straps or chain booms that could slip out from under the strapping, such as metal piping.

Overloaded Trucks

While most trucks are designed to carry a certain weight limit, many times a shipper will load a trailer in excess of DOT standards or vehicle specifications. This happens for a variety of reasons, some of which include reducing shipping expenses. This is more common that many injured motorists realize, and sometimes not by human error.

Exhausted Drivers

The shortage of qualified truck drivers across the nation has also put shipping companies in dire need of experienced drivers, resulting in many drivers reaching their limit regarding the number of monthly and daily hours they can drive. Even in the contemporary industry when trucks can be monitored in real time in terms of complying with driver limits, many drivers still drive longer than the regulations allow.

Call a Portland Truck Injury Lawyer

Pursuing damages following a truck accident injury is always a difficult legal ask because shipping companies are diligent in defending claims. Always call Portland personal injury lawyer Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP for comprehensive representation.

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