Most Dangerous Street Crossings In Portland

November 23, 2018 | By

street crossingsAlthough the city of Portland is known for having streets that are very friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists, accidents do still occur. While an accident can happen anywhere, there are unfortunately certain streets and intersections where the number and severity of accidents is quite high. As a result, numerous people are injured or even killed while walking or riding a bike. Read to learn more about Portland’s most dangerous street crossings. Find out how a PDX Oreg. auto accident attorney can help if you have been the victim in these accidents, here are some facts to consider.

Southeast 148th Ave./Stark St.
Since 2012, this intersection has had 71 crashes involving a motor vehicle striking pedestrians or cyclists. With 87 minor injuries, 15 serious injuries, and two critical injuries resulting in brain injuries, this street crossing is known as a busy intersection with numerous visibility issues.

Southeast 122nd Ave./Powell Blvd.
With 79 crashes occurring over the past five years, this intersection is particularly bad for having motorists accelerate on their approach. Due to the numerous accidents happening here, accident lawyers PDX note the city is planning to build new sidewalks and bike lanes, and also plans to upgrade traffic signals as well.

Southeast 122nd Ave./Stark St.
With a staggering 122 crashes since 2012, this intersection has led to one fatality, three serious injuries ranging from traumatic brain injuries to compound fractures, and has had almost 200 mild to moderate injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.

When these accidents occur, it’s important to use an accident lawyer PDX OR residents can rely on for their experience and knowledge in helping victims gain compensation. Rather than sit back and fail to get the full and fair compensation you deserve to help pay for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills, contact the law firm of Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP to schedule a consultation.

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