Winter Driving Safety Tips

January 4, 2019 | By

winter driving accident

Driving through winter weather is an ongoing challenge in Portland. There’s plenty of rain, but an occasional snow storm or freezing morning can make roads difficult to traverse. Let’s look at some winter driving safety tips so you can make it home safe without the need to call an Oreg. car accident attorney. 

#1 Have your Car Serviced 

Routine maintenance such as tire rotation, oil changes, and safety checks will help keep your vehicle in safe operating condition. 

#2 Prepare the vehicle before driving 

Clean off any snow, ice, or dirt on the windows. Make sure the vehicle has at least 1/2 tank of gas. Check that the tires are properly inflated 

#3 Avoid Driving in Icy or Snowy Conditions 

If possible, stay off of icy or snowy roads. It’s the easiest way to avoid an accident or the need to call an PDX Oreg. accident lawyer

#4 Drive Slower 

Rain, snow, and ice can make even the safest roads dangerous. Slowing down will help you maintain control of your vehicle in bad conditions. 

#5 Give Yourself Plenty of Time 

Double the time it normally takes to get to your destination. Rushing and speeding are sure ways to get into car accidents on bad roads. 

#6 Give Yourself Plenty of Distance 

You need to give yourself extra space between your vehicle and the one ahead. Slick conditions means it takes longer to stop. 

#7 Learn how your vehicle responds in winter weather 

Before getting out on the major roads, take a drive on some deserted side roads. Hit the brakes and see how they respond. 

Driving smartly will help you get from one place to another safely. Unfortunately, there are other drivers out there that may not be so cautious. If you find yourself in an accident, you need to speak with a Portland car accident attorney as soon as possible. Call Picektt Dummingan McCall right away.

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