5 Common Auto Accident Injuries

January 11, 2019 | By
car accident injuries

Car accidents, unfortunately, occur every day. While we try to avoid them when possible, it’s important to be aware and prepared for what to do after the incident. This means knowing both the medical and legal procedures following the injury. Here are some of the most common injuries and some legal tips from Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP, a leading Portland personal injury lawyer


Whiplash is among the most common types of injuries that occur in car accidents. The muscle and tissue strain that occurs in the following weeks of Whiplash can be painful and pose risks for infection. Unlike injuries that are more visible, such as cuts or bruises, whiplash is sometimes unnoticeable to the naked eye. Having an attorney who can obtain the necessary evidence, including documents and medical forms, is key in receiving full compensation for your injury. 

Head Injuries 

Head injuries can cause immediate and serious injuries that last far into the future. This can add up to long-term medical costs and deliberate treatment. Having a seasoned attorney to communicate with your insurer and health care provider, like an Oreg. auto accident lawyer, will help make this difficult process all the more seamless. 

Broken Ribs 

Ribs are fragile and can be easily injured in a car accident. This kind of injury can require an extended period of rest. Proving the need for time off of work can be just as important as receiving medical care. 

Scrapes and Cuts 

Receiving scrapes and cuts from the impact of another vehicle is among the most common types of car accident injuries. This can lead to stitches, infections, and other medical complications. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Some car accidents may lead to mental and emotional injuries. This can lead to greater anxiety, stress, and the fear of entering a car entirely. Needless to say, this kind of complication can put anyone’s life on hold and is not the easiest thing to prove to an insurer or employer.

An auto accident attorney Oreg. representative can help you take the right steps and file the proper claim report in a sensitive and difficult time. Contact us today.

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