Multi Car Accidents: What to do?

January 25, 2019 | By
multi car accident

Car accident scenes can be confusing enough with just two vehicles involved, but multi car crashes are even worse in most instances. There are typically more injured parties involved, sometimes very serious, and more property damage as well. Local police authorities are also typically involved and will respond as soon as notified by a witness or an accident victim. While most individuals will understandably be shaken up, it is still very important to settle down emotionally and follow a few simple steps in preparation for the investigation that will be conducted by law enforcement officers. There are always several legal aspects to any car accident case, and what you do in the immediate aftermath is often vital to being adequately compensated by the respondent insurance companies with the assistance of a Portland personal injury lawyer. 

Document the Accident Scene 

Photographs can be excellent articles of evidence that help establish degrees of fault and amount of property damage. Pictures provide static proof of certain elements of an accident, such as the length and design of skid marks on the highway or distance between vehicles. Multi-car collisions can be difficult to unravel, and the ultimate outcome will be a determination of fault. Photos can be effective information in court and of great assistance for your accident lawyer PDX Oreg. Pictures do not lie, but sometimes negligent drivers do 

Be Mindful of What You Say 

While it is a legal requirement for involved drivers who are still mobile to inspect the accident scene for injured parties, it is not a good decision to begin a conversation with other parties because they could become legal adversaries. In addition, do not embellish the incident when answering police officer questions. In fact, it is actually best to discuss the case with a Portland personal injury lawyer first. 

Contact Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP 

Anyone involved in a multi-car accident in Portland should contact Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP car accident attorney Oreg. for legal representation from an experienced personal injury law firm in Oregon.

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