Yielding to Pedestrians

June 28, 2019 | By

yielding pedestrianA common misconception about traffic laws is that pedestrians always have the right-of-way. Just like motorists, pedestrians are required to obey traffic laws, such as crossing the street in a crosswalk or at an intersection and obeying all traffic signals. 

If a pedestrian is in the way of oncoming traffic, it is true that motorists are required to stop if at all possible. Failing to exercise reasonable care where pedestrians are crossing a roadway can result in a driver being held liable for any injuries that result from a pedestrian versus car accident. 

In some areas, there is a heightened duty for motorists to look out for pedestrians. For example, in roadways around a school or school bus, drivers should expect that they will need to look carefully to make sure no children are crossing the road in front of oncoming traffic. 

In some cases, an accident may be unavoidable. For example, if a pedestrian darts out in front of oncoming traffic and a motorist who is driving at a safe speed is unable to stop in time, the driver of the motor vehicle may be able to argue that the accident happened even though they were driving carefully. In some cases, the driver may be able to avoid liability. 

In many cases, it is not immediately clear who was at fault for an accident. Sometimes trained police officers attribute fault to the wrong individual. This is where a Portland Oregon personal injury attorney can help. 

An attorney can help investigate a case and prove that their client was not the party responsible for the accident. This can make all the difference when it comes to receiving compensation. 

For more information contact Pickett Dummigan McCall, a Portland Oregon personal injury attorney. Pickett Dummigan McCall is an experienced lawyer who can help you prove your personal injury case in court.

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