Common Industrial Accident Injuries (& How a Lawyer Can Help)

October 4, 2019 | By

industrial accidentsIndustrial mishaps can be devastating for the victims and their families, who may find it necessary to seek monetary damages to help them deal with their financial and personal losses. In order to ensure the proper handling of their cases, however, they will need the help of a personal injury law firm in Portland OR. The law firm of Pickett Dummigan McCall offers this type of assistance.

The Risks of Working
Those employed in manufacturing, construction, refining, logging or other industries face many risks in their daily lives. The risks may come from ladders, scaffolding, heavy machinery, electrical gear, powerful chemicals and large vehicles. Risks can easily turn into worker injuries through the failings of contractors, equipment providers, supervisory personnel or fellow employees. Portland accident lawyers will provide the representation that is needed when dealing with businesses and their insurance providers.

Common Industrial Injuries
The use of machinery in many industries increases the risk of crushing injuries, lacerations and even amputations. Falls may result in broken bones, spinal injuries and head trauma. Some workers may experience burns stemming from fires and electrocutions related to defective equipment. Exposure to toxic substances can have long-term effects, including asbestosis and asthma, and joint or muscle strains may result from the prolonged lifting of heavy items. Portland accident lawyers have experience dealing with these and other industrial injuries and illness.

The Need for Compensation
Damages may be sought to cover medical expenses, to replace lost wages and even as compensation for a victim’s personal suffering. Damages may also be sought by the families of those killed in industrial mishaps. However, personal injury lawsuits are complicated and those taking such action need the advice of a personal injury law firm in Portland OR. They can find such help from the law firm of Pickett Dummigan McCall.

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