Injured on a College Campus: Who is Liable?

October 25, 2019 | By

injured on a college campusWhen a person is injured on a college campus, the question often arises as to who is liable. The answer to this can be complicated and depends upon a variety of factors. To best determine liability for injuries sustained on a college campus, contact the Portland injury attorneys from Pickett Dummigan McCall.

When is a college liable for injuries sustained on campus?
A college may be liable for injuries sustained on campus when the college know or should have known of an unreasonable risk. When this risk causes a person injury, then the college may be liable to compensate for injuries sustained.

Whether a college is liable for injuries sustained on campus also requires consideration of whether the injured person was lawfully at a location on campus and it was foreseeable that the issue could occur. If a person is trespassing when they are injured, then liability could be denied.

What should you do if injured on a college campus?
If you are injured on a college campus, then be sure to report the accident and seek out immediate medical treatment. Try to document the incident as much as possible, including requests for accident reports, photographs, video recordings and identification of witnesses. Contact a personal injury law firm in Portland OR as soon as possible after the accident for advice about how to proceed.

How can an attorney help?
Portland injury attorneys can help you understand whether your situation qualifies for a personal injury claim. Our personal injury law firm in Portland OR can provide legal representation throughout the claim process. We can help you gather the evidence needed to establish a claim and show that the college is liable.

If you have been injured on a college campus, then contact Pickett Dummigan McCall for advice about the next steps to take. Our team looks forward to helping you with your case.

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