5 Safe Driving Tips for Rainy Days 5 Safe Driving Tips for Rainy Days

November 15, 2019 | By

rainy day driving tipsWhen you get behind the wheel, you want to be as safe as possible. Ensuring your safety, that of your passengers and that of all other drivers, passengers and pedestrians around you is of utmost importance. When it rains, the roads become slicker and slippery, which can lead to more accidents. There are five tips you can use to drive safely in rainy conditions.

Turn on your headlights, even during daylight, when it’s raining. This can help you see better and allow others to better be able to see your vehicle as well. Additionally, using your headlights is essential whenever you’re using your windshield wipers.

Hydroplaning is a huge problem that often occurs in the rain. This is when your tires lose traction with the road because there is too much water flooding the pavement. It can lead to your vehicle sliding and you losing control of it. To be safer, slow down to no faster than 30 miles per hour. If you do begin to hydroplane, ease your foot off the gas pedal and steer straight until you get back control of your car.

Slow down whenever it’s raining. While you might be tempted to travel the speed limit, it’s better to go more slowly in wet, slick conditions.

Turn off your car’s cruise control as it might lead to problems in rainy weather. Cruise control actually causes your vehicle to travel at a faster speed.

Be extra careful while merging into a different lane. You want to use common sense at all times and be cautious so as to avoid a potential crash while merging. Always use your defensive driving skills as well.

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