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Seniors and people with disabilities are entitled to quality care in a safe environment. Living in a nursing home or assisted living facility is a bond of trust. Unfortunately, that bond is sometimes broken when the facility fails to provide required care, like turning and repositioning regularly to reduce pressure to skin. When staff does not provide required care, unnecessary injuries occur.Older adults may not be able to communicate their needs, but long-term care facilities have multiple responsibilities in caring for vulnerable people, those who are not able to care for themselves. You and your family members may not know where to turn when a loved one suffers serious injury or death. Call us for help — we have over 100 years of combined experience investigating claims of negligence in long-term care facilities. Contact us online with the short form to the left or call us at 503-223-7770 and receive a free consultation.

An Overview of Pressure Wounds

Bedsores (also known as pressure wounds, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers) are both common and preventable with proper care. Continuous pressure caused by a resident sitting or lying in one place for too long leaves him or her susceptible to skin breakdown and infection. Poor health conditions, malnourishment and dehydration can be contributing factors as well.

Relieving that pressure by moving and repositioning the resident every two hours is the best preventative measure. Pressure-relieving devices and special mattresses, sheets (that adhere to the mattress), cushions and wheelchairs can also reduce the risk of bedsores.

Holding Oregon Nursing Homes Accountable For Neglect

Many nursing home residents have limited mobility and are dependent on care providers responsible for maintaining their health and well-being. When an attendant fails to provide the most basic standards of care, injury and death can occur.

The lawyers at Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP conduct thorough investigations, identifying patterns of neglect and any history of federal and state law violations. Our objective is to obtain every benefit and recovery available and make you or your loved one whole after abuse or neglect.

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