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We are dedicated to providing comprehensive representation to clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of another person’s negligence. At Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP, we have decades of experience working with doctors and other medical professionals to help the injured get the care and compensation they deserve.

Traumatic brain injury is a serious public health problem in the United States. Each year, more than a million people will suffer a brain injury. A brain injury often occurs when the brain is bounced around inside the skull following an impact or sudden movement. Brain injuries can occur in many ways, including: medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, and work accidents.

Damage to the brain contributes to a substantial amount of deaths and disability, and even in minor cases, is often associated with permanent health problems. The consequences of traumatic brain injury depend on the particular area of the brain damaged. Motor function, coordination, and decision making can be affected. Some cases have even noted personality changes.

Generally speaking, brain injuries fall into mild, moderate, or severe categories. Even mild brain injuries can be very serious, especially if the individual does not take the necessary time to completely heal before engaging in activities for which there is risk of more head trauma. This issue is particularly dangerous for student athletes who suffer concussions. Concussions can be difficult to detect and it is very important that someone who has suffered a concussion or other minor brain injury to seek medical attention and rest.

More severe brain injuries occur when there is bleeding and swelling of the brain. When this happens, a person may require the intervention of a neurosurgeon. A neurosurgeon may decide to drill holes into the skull or remove a section of the skull to allow the brain to expand without damaging the gray and white matter. These procedures are complicated, traumatic for all involved. The extent of damage is often not known for many months. It is critical that this recovery phase be managed by medical experts.

From a legal perspective, brain injuries are often associated with negligence. It occurs with some frequency in car crashes, falls from heights, and in accidents involving heavy machinery. Even in cases where a full recovery is expected, it may take years of hard work, medical expenses, and personal or family sacrifices to overcome the challenges of a brain injury. If the injury could have been prevented, the person injured may have a legal claim.

To discover whether you have a legal claim for a brain injury, it is critical that your lawyer has the medical knowledge and the medical contacts required in order to properly represent you. The attorneys at Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP have decades of experience working with doctors and other experts to help those who have suffered a brain injury along the road to recovery. Our lawyers can also file a wrongful death action on behalf of the families who have lost a loved one as a result of a brain injury.

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