Injuries To College Students


Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

At Pickett Dummigan Weingart LLP, we represent college students who have suffered injuries while attending school in the Portland area. From car wrecks on or off campus to bedbug infestation in their dorms, we take on complex injury claims and hold negligent parties accountable.

Having an affiliation with Portland State University Legal Services has provided us both experience and insight into college student injury claims. College students and their parents come to us with questions about an injury claim. Our job is to educate them in our own way, providing necessary counsel based on their individual legal problems.

College students who came to Oregon to pursue an education have the same rights as those permanently residing in the state. They are entitled to the same level of aggressive legal advocacy in personal injury claims that involve:

Car accidents
Trucking accidents
Train accidents
Bike accidents
Pedestrian accidents

Unsafe products
If you are a parent dealing with the injuries suffered by your college-age child, we will spend time with you to discuss your claim. Our attorneys treat each case individually. They will identify the unique issues and address all of your concerns. Our legal team combines 100 years of experience in personal injury claims that range from minor injuries to brain and spinal cord damage to wrongful death claims.

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To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Portland college student injury attorneys, contact our office by email or call us at 503-223-7770. Your first consultation is free of charge. We represent individuals in state and federal courts in Oregon or Washington.

We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency basis. We will only bill you attorney fees if we recover compensation for your losses.