Landlord/Tenant Habitability Injuries


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Absentee and on-site landlords are required to maintain specific habitability standards. Falling short of those requirements can affect the health of their tenants. They must be proactive and vigilant to prevent deplorable conditions like excessive mold growth and bedbug infestations.

If you or your family’s health is seriously compromised because of your landlord’s failure to maintain your rental property, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Pickett Dummigan Weingart LLP can help find you the compensation you deserve.

Excessive mold growth is not just the result of living in a wet climate in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon and federal law requires landlords to take reasonable steps to prevent moisture intrusion that causes excessive and dangerous mold growth. Unfortunately, some forms of mold are dangerous and toxic, particularly black mold and cause injuries, especially in infants, such as:

Asthma or exacerbation of asthma symptoms
Difficulty breathing
Skin irritation
Worsened allergies

A landlord’s failure to provide adequate ventilation with improperly sealed windows or poorly maintained exhaust fans could result in serious illness. Tenants exposed to various types of mold suffer headaches, difficulty breathing and other lung problems. Regardless of its effects, toxic mold can even make an apartment or house uninhabitable.

Bedbugs are another common issue related to the habitability of rental property. Landlords must follow established standards of care when a tenant moves out to prevent bedbug infestations. Failure to do so puts the next tenant at risk of bedbug exposure.

Our lawyers conduct in-depth investigations in claims of landlord-tenant habitability injuries and pursue damages. They possess 100 years of combined experience and enjoy a track record of success in maximizing compensation for their clients.

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