December 4, 2017 | By Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP

Authored by Nancy Picasso Auto accidents happen every day often times resulting in damaging experiences. It may be difficult to prevent imperceptible motor vehicle accidents, but for safety measures and legal purposes it is important to know there are helpful before and after accident tips. The tips listed below are a reflection of what State […]

Lifesavers Conference

May 23, 2016 | By Pickett Dummigan LLP

Attorney Christopher Larsen was invited to speak at the Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities held April 3-5, 2016, in Long Beach, California. Speaking to a national audience of traffic safety professionals, Chris — along with Portland Police Officer James Sorensen and Trauma Nurse Joanne Fairchild – spoke about how they worked collaboratively with […]

End Distracted Driving

August 19, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

Authored by Chris Larsen As the end of summer nears and kids go back to school, it’s time to redouble our efforts to end distracted driving. Distracted driving is doing anything that takes your attention away from driving. Many people think of driving while talking or texting on a cellphone as the main type of […]

Drinking and Driving Diplomas Down the Drain

May 7, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

Students all over the country are getting ready for graduation. This is an exciting time for friends and family to celebrate the success of their loved ones. Cheers and congratulations are in order and there is nothing wrong with a little champagne (if you’re of legal drinking age) to kick off the celebration. However, it […]

Sleeping on the Job – Trucks & Tragedy

April 30, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

Semi-trailer trucks are some of the biggest vehicles on the road. These trucks are very useful at transporting goods around the country and they play a big role in keeping our economy growing. However, the sheer weight and size of a semi-truck makes it incredibly dangerous on the road. The average semi-truck weighs 80,000 lbs., […]

Airbags that blow up and blow it.

April 21, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

The Takata airbag recall is expanding. For those who have not been keeping up with the news, some of the airbags found in Nissan vehicles have been exploding in the faces of the people they are meant to protect. Instead of creating a cushion to reduce the force of impact, these airbags shoot metal shrapnel […]

A “Double Whammy” – When you’re involved in more than one car crash.

April 16, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

Things are bad enough when you’re involved in one car accident. It gets even worse when you’re involved in two within a short amount of time. The situation is complex and confusing and can spiral out of control if you are not prepared. For example: your own insurance policy may not be able to cover […]

New law provides greatly increased insurance coverage for Oregon drivers!

March 16, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

written by Christopher Larsen With the passage of Senate Bill 411 signed by Governor Kate Brown on March 12, 2014, badly injured Oregon drivers will soon be able to receive a minimum of $65,000 in insurance coverage in cases where the bad driver only has $25,000.00 minimum limits. SB 411 removes a longstanding loophole that […]

FAQ – Help! I’ve been hit by a drunk driver!

January 16, 2015 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

Drunk driving is an unfortunate reality that we all have to deal with. There is a good a chance that you or someone you know has been a victim of a drunk driving accident. Although everyone should know not to drink and drive, not everyone follows the law. Responsible drivers and pedestrians should know their […]

FAQ – What do I do after a car accident?

December 29, 2014 | By R. Brendan Dummigan of Pickett Dummigan LLP

Millions of car accidents occur every year in the United States. Thankfully, many of them are minor; unfortunately, not all of them are. Getting involved in a car crash can be a shocking, confusing, and stressful experience. However, it is important to control your anxiety and remember your obligations and rights in order to protect […]

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