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We value the feedback from our former clients, peers and others who we have helped over the years. Here are some of the testimonials and reviews we would like to share with you.

Client Testimonial

May 10th 2018
Letter of Testimony as Brendan Dummigan my attorney. The very first time I met Brendan I was interviewing a few lawyers to handle my case. When we met I had the gut feeling of his sincerity and being authentic. It was the fact that he was being real with me was my reason to work with him. After working on my case for over a year I am happy to report that his kindness and authentic nature was represented the whole time. He genuinely cares and was pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend working with him any of your needs that may arise. Thank you for being a great person and a wonderful lawyer.
Robby Holmes
"May 10th 2018
Dear Brendan,
Big thank you to you and your team Rachel and Gabby. It was a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate all that you did to guide through that difficult accident. So happy to have that chapter closed. Take care. All my best.
Robby Holmes
‘With warm appreciation for all you’ve given of your time, your energy, and yourself.’
We so appreciate all that you did for us in handling our case. Your compassion, empathy, and professionalism meant so much to us. You made the whole process so much easier. Thank you again."
Richard & Betsy
"Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP deserves all the thank you. You guys were more than helpful and I couldn't have asked for a better firm to represent me in this matter. You guys and gals at the firm are exceptional and I thank you for all your help."
I could not have asked for a better legal team than all three of you. At no time did I ever feel that any of you wasn’t doing your upmost in trying to help me. I will and would gladly refer anyone that does need help from attorneys to your office.

I would like to thank you Mr. Dummigan and your office staff for the professional and compassionate handling of my case.

When a client is in a stressful situation of a lawsuit you need to feel comfortable with the law firm that you have chosen. Every single individual I dealt with in your office was helpful and knowledgeable.

From day one, Mr. Dummigan, you made me feel comfortable and at ease talking to you about my case. You showed great patience as you talked me through the long process before us.

Thank you again for the time and energy that you and your staff were willing to spend on my behalf, it made these last two years of my life a little more tolerable.
With great respect, Sherry Wells
“Goes beyond expectations!”
“Great results from a highly skilled, no pressure attorney!”
“I am a licensed California attorney. When my sister was injured in Portland, I turned to Kristen West McCall. Kristen was responsive, diligent and most importantly, went beyond expectations in the pursuit of compensation for my sister. I would recommend her unconditionally.”
Martin Fleisher
“We would like to express our greatest gratitude to Brendan Dummigan for representing our case. We would like to say that he and the whole attending staff at the law firm was amazing to work with. Everytime we needed questions answered or updates, they were there. If Brendan wasn't available at the moment, there was always voicemail we could count or messages we could leave with the staff knowing we would get a quick response. We would most certainly refer Brendan and this law firm; Pickett Dummigan LLP, to whom ever would be in need of excellent representation.
“Kristen West McCall was my savior. I was lost and injured after my accident. My insurance company didn't want me to receive the treatment my doctors said I needed, and the IME doctors agreed. Kristen was amazing! She told me to get the treatment I felt I needed. She continued to advocate my case to the insurance company. They fought us every step of the way. She told me to be patient and answered every silly question I had along the way. Ultimately she was able to get the insurance company to pay all of medical bills. I would have been completely taken advantage of by my insurance company, without her help.”
Sam Mullenaux
“Kimberly Weingart was more than a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable and skilled at her craft. I can say with full pride she is most certainly one of the best. I will recommend her any day no question. We worked closely together for 2 years and she was always there when I needed. She really cares for her clients. Hard worker and very dedicated I love that about her.
If you ever need a Personal Injury Attorney look no further! Kimberly Weingart you Rock!!
I called Mr. Cheng's office to get help with with an eviction case. He was kind and listened to my story fully asking question to clarify when needed. I could tell he really is one of those guys that cares and does not mind taking up his valuable time to help people in bad situations. In the end he referred me to another office that handles my type of case. I can tell he is extremely knowledgeable in his field and would not be shocked in a few years if he is one of the best known Lawyers in Portland.
My accident involved substantial damage to my custom road bike, and many abrasions and soft tissue injuries, including face, but nothing life-threatening. I tried to resolve the bike damage directly with the defendant, but he was not only resistant, but rude over a period of several months. He did not respond to a demand letter which Chris sent pro bono, so we decided to pursue damages in court. We were successful in court-ordered artbitration, but the defendant appealed de novo. Thus, the case went to jury trial. Two years after the accident, Chris was successful in court proceedings, and the jury awarded me damages for bike repairs, and a bit for pain and suffering, which I did not ask for specifically. Chris handled the case well, and kept me informed. It helped that had had been a judge pro tem, and is a cyclist himself, very active in the Bicycle Tranportation Alliance in Portland.
“Kristen West McCall worked so diligently to get as fair a settlement as possible. Even when I was ready to give up, she would not! Thanks, Kristen!”
Carol Fleisher Scobby
“Five Stars!”
Rachael Organ
While riding my bike to work, I was hit by a delivery truck. I was riding straight through an intersection, the truck turned left in front of me. The driver denied responsibility. Although I had a broken clavicle I didn't need an ambulance, and the police declined to come out to the accident. Over the next couple days I realized I had no idea what to do next. Chris represented me, and we filed a lawsuit. Chris was honest, communicative, caring and very capable. Chris explained bike cases can be difficult and that we should be prepared to go to trial if necessary. In the end through negotiations with the defense attorney for the delivery van's insurance we were able to agree to an excellent settlement. I very much appreciated how easy Chris was to work with and would recommend him to anyone in need of representation for a personal injury situation.
“Kristen had a highly professional, tactical approach coupled with a caring attitude to handle a difficult personal injury case in a way that helped me feel at ease. Having never needed a lawyer for an injury case, I wasn't sure what to expect. She communicated clearly and regularly with a no-pressure style that helped me wrap my head around my best course of action. I always felt like I was in great hands. She has an extensive network within her firm, as well as nationally, that she can draw from to make sure her advice is supported by the best practices of the legal world. I was referred to her by a close friend who also benefited from choosing Kristen and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to a friend or family member as well. I didn't feel like I was lost in a maze of receptionists and referrals while working with her. Kristen made me feel like I was her main client. After a long duration of time (due to uncontrollable circumstances from the opposing side), Kristen was able to negotiate a strong settlement for me thus avoiding trial. Kristen is a pleasure to work with and she got a great result for me.”
Ron Cheng and his assistant Rosey were very prompt, as prompt as a lawyer can be, with my case. My case was about my landlord having bedbugs in the units and, knowingly, renting them out. He was able to settle the case in my favor and protect my rights at the same time. As a matter of fact, he made absolutely sure I would not end up being responsible for the other party in the future. He always kept me up to date with any information and called me back in a timely manner. Ron Cheng cares. He is an excellent attorney.
Kristen took my case and was helpful and kept me informed throughout the different stages of this journey. I never had a question that was not answered and I always felt like I was a priority. Appreciated all her hard work and dedication. Would highly recommend her!
Mr. Dummigan and his staff are very professional and caring. They took a case that no one else would...and put their energy and resources into the case to see it come to a successful close. They were great about keeping me informed about the current status of the case and preparing me for the deposition and mediation. It was an unfortunate series of events that led me to Mr. Dummigan's office, but I was thankful for the closure his office brought to my situation.
Lisa Marie
If you want an attorney that is highly competent, detail-oriented and not just in it for the money, please consider Chris. He was not afraid of taking on my case, even though it was not an easy one. He was thorough in doing his research on my wrongful death case and attentive to my concerns and input as we progressed through the case. He was mindful of my suffering and that of my children at all times, and prepared our case not just to win at all costs, but with sensitivity to our situation. Chris Larsen and the firm were forthright, helpful, and real in every interaction. I recommend Chris highly to any and all! He will work harder than you expect, with care and competence!
Kristin McCall and office staff were really wonderful in a difficult situation, compassionate and thorough in the investigation of the whole situation. Kristen was genuinely interested in our thoughts and feelings. I would and will recommend Pickett Dummigan McCall !!! Thank you for all your help.
Kristen Michelson
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