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With proper diagnosis, monitoring and medication, a mother suffering preeclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension can safely deliver a healthy child. However, when a doctor fails to treat a patient suffering high blood pressure while pregnant, he or she puts the health of the mother and child at risk.Preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure developed late in the pregnancy. Once diagnosed, the patient must be monitored carefully due to the risk of seizures and bleeding disorders. Medication can help. However, if the pregnancy-induced hypertension worsens, the baby must be delivered to save the life of the mother.
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During pregnancy and labor, conditions can change. Medical providers must be diligent in their care to make informed decisions, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Falling short of established professional standards can lead to serious injuries and death. These preventable tragedies require the help of an experienced and compassionate attorney.

At Pickett Dummigan Weingart LLP, we hold medical professionals accountable for negligent acts that harmed you and your child. Being proactive in contacting our firm helps us evaluate your legal options immediately and ensure that all parties are receiving the care they need.

Our attorneys combine their experience with the expertise of trusted professionals in the medical industry. We have a comprehensive network of doctors and nurses who consult with us on complex birth injury claims involving preeclampsia.

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