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  • Construction workers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Industrial site workers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Anyone doing a dangerous job

Suffered a serious injury at work that may be the responsibility of someone other than your employer? 

At Pickett Dummigan Weingart, our Portland workplace injury lawyers specialize in helping those who have been seriously injured on the job. Thanks to our experience and long-established relationships with safety experts, judges, and defense attorneys, we have an excellent track record of verdicts, successful appeals, and settlements for injured workers just like you.

We believe in justice for all, regardless of income or background. Our experienced workplace injury attorneys are ready to listen to your situation and help you through this difficult time.



Verdict for a worker who fell and became paralyzed when a board he was standing on broke.



Settlement against a multinational corporation after a welding operation caused an explosion, killing a worker.



Verdict for a day laborer who fell from a roof because no fall protection was provided.

What is a workplace injury?

Workplace injuries can happen in any environment — from a construction site or warehouse, to a farm or store renovation project. When tragedies do occur, the results can be catastrophic, ranging from minor concussions to catastrophic injuries and death. Workplace injuries can have career-ending, painful, and costly life-changing consequences for victims and their families. The causes of worksite accidents are not always obvious. It requires experience and an understanding to identify the individuals and companies responsible for the harm to you or a loved one. We have handled more of these cases than any other firm in the state and our never give up attitude has changed the law for the benefit of Oregon workers everywhere! 

Do you need a Portland workplace injury attorney?

Hiring a lawyer is the best thing you can do after suffering a workplace injury.

Getting injured on the job and the immediate aftermath can be confusing — there are usually several people involved and it can be tricky to find out who is legally responsible. In many cases, injuries are not caused by your immediate employers but by a third party. It takes an experienced and resourceful Portland workplace lawyer to discover and pursue third-party claims and handle your case successfully.

At Pickett Dummigan Weingart, we’ve seen it all and know how to get through the corporations’ attempts to limit your ability to hold them accountable. We have a diverse, respected, and compassionate staff and over 70% of our team speaks Spanish. We believe strong and effective legal representation should be available to everyone who has suffered a serious or catastrophic workplace injury.

Hear from our clients 

Excellent client communications, taking the time to educate us and setting realistic expectations. The results exceeded expectations.

-Craig Spiezle

Mr. Dummigan and his staff are very professional and caring. They took a case that no one else would…and put their energy and resources into the case to see it come to a successful close. It was an unfortunate series of events that led me to Mr. Dummigan’s office, but I was thankful for the closure his office brought to my situation.

-Lisa Marie

I could not have asked for a better legal team than all three of you. Thank you again for the time and energy that you and your staff were willing to spend on my behalf, it made these last two years of my life a little more tolerable.

-Sherry Wells

Quick Answers from Our Attorneys

Q: What are some of the firm’s recent accomplishments?

“Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to be part of many groundbreaking cases in the state of Oregon that have set the precedent for good law. Law that establishes additional rights for workers that are injured on the job – this gives us a big advantage with our ongoing cases when we bring cases to trial.”
J. Randolph Pickett

Q: What is the firm’s reputation?

“ Our firm is regarded as one of the most skilled firms in the state in this area. Through our determination and hard work, we have created new law to further protect workers from coming into harm’s way.”
R. Brendan Dummigan

How it works

Wondering if you have a case? Questions about what it means to partner with a workplace injury attorney? Or how much it will cost? You have enough emotional and physical stress in your life right now. We’ve helped hundreds of injured workers just like you and are here to make this as simple as possible.

Start by scheduling a free consultation with one of our workplace injury lawyers. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours and want to hear all about your situation. We’ll explain what you can expect and answer any and all questions you may have. If we decide to work together, we’ll take your case on a contingency-fee-basis. You won’t be charged attorney fees unless we win your case.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top workplace injuries in Portland?

1. Premise Liability – When the work environment or the conditions on the land are dangerous. Premise liability can also include cases where there was a failure to warn about dangerous conditions in the work area.

2. Contractor Liability – When a contractors’ work or inactivity causes or leads to an injury to another worker. General contractors that fail to set safety standards can also be responsible for injuries.

3. Equipment Defects and Accidents – When injuries are caused by equipment and machines that are broken or defective. Equipment defects can range from small handheld tools to heavy construction vehicles. An equipment or machine is also considered defective if it was designed in an unsafe manner or if there was a lack of warning associated with the danger. These claims usually require expert evaluation to determine if the equipment meets engineering and safety standards.

4. Industrial Accidents – When injuries are caused by explosions, electrocution, toxic chemicals, and things that are inherently dangerous.

What happens if you are injured on the job?

Employees who are injured on the job are entitled to compensation through the workers’ compensation system. However, in many cases, injuries are not caused by employers but by someone else, such as general contractors, other subcontractors, landowners, and manufacturers of defective machines and equipment. Additionally, workers’ compensation doesn’t always cover the pain and suffering experienced by someone hurt on the job. That’s why it’s important to speak to a workplace injury attorney.

How does a “third-party” lawsuit work?

A “third party” lawsuit is one that is brought against someone other than your direct employer. For example, if a construction worker is injured by a crane or some other machinery being used on the job site a claim can be filed against the crane operator or manufacturer.

In all cases involving a general contractor who is managing the job site there is a potential claim against that entity or company as they are in charge of overall jobsite safety.