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As reprehensible as it is to imagine, there are instances where nursing home residents are sexually abused while in the care of a nursing home. Beyond the devastating nature of unwanted sexual contact, it’s also legally actionable. We’re here to help you hold the nursing home facility accountable.  This accountability helps to protect others now and in the future.

Our nursing home sexual abuse lawyers take on every case with empathy. We will carefully listen to you and your loved one’s situation.We work to ensure your family feels safe and at ease while coping with the emotional distress and lasting impact of this transgression.

The Attorney You Choose Makes a Difference

The team at Pickett Dummigan Weingart understands how important it is for victims of nursing home sexual abuse to get justice. We will support and guide your family through the process.

Our elder abuse attorneys not only seek justice for any actions that may have been committed against your loved one, but we’re also dedicated to invoking change at the highest level. We want to help ensure other elder members of our community don’t go through the same traumatic experiences.

Q&A with Deena D. Sajitharan, Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Attorney

Q: What is elder sexual abuse?

A: Elder sexual abuse is when someone sexually touches an elderly resident without their consent. This includes any sexual contact with an elder who, because of mental illness or dementia, cannot communicate their lack of consent.

Q: What are the forms of elderly sexual abuse?

A: Assisted living sexual abuse has many forms. It usually happens in private, although not always. Sexual abuse in nursing homes in Portland happens at the hands of trusted facility employees. Others can perpetuate this despicable act, including visitors, vendors, and other residents.

Q: What should you do if a loved one has been abused?

A: Family or loved ones of the victim should reach out to a nursing home sexual assault attorney. That attorney should understand the intersection of both criminal and civil law and can explain their rights, as well as help them explore their options going forward. If the abuse is recent, and/or the perpetrator is still around vulnerable adults, you should call police.

Q: What is the time limit for filing a sexual abuse lawsuit in Oregon?

A: There is an extended statute of limitations in Oregon for filing claims involving sexual abuse of the elderly. In some instances, an action can be commenced within seven years of the discovery of the conduct. In other instances, civil claims must be brought within two years of the occurrence of the abusive incident. This is a complicated area of law and all claims of sexual abuse of the elderly must be promptly brought to an attorney experienced in handling these important cases.

Q: Will my identity and my loved one’s identity be kept confidential during a civil case?

A: Our team will use every effort and tool available to protect against the publication of the identity of our clients.

Helping People is Our Mission

As a group of community-minded, family-oriented Oregonians, we’re passionate about serving others inside and outside the courtroom. Our firm is highly active in our community, donating time, resources, education, and expertise to help others.

Strategic, Empathetic & Always Willing to Listen

If your elderly family member has been a victim of sexual abuse, it’s important to talk to an experienced attorney right away.

We understand the seriousness and sensitivity of these matters. Our empathetic team is ready to explain your rights and guide your family as you explore options going forward.

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