Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Portland Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Living in a nursing home, or participating in the decision to move a loved one to a long-term care facility is not easy. The decision comes after careful deliberation with family members and thorough vetting of possible nursing homes. Once a facility is selected, you place trust in the staff to ensure safety and protection from harm.Nursing home residents suffering dementia, paralysis or other serious disabilities are vulnerable to sexual abuse from staff and other residents. Without the ability to communicate fully, residents continue to be vulnerable to assaults or harassment of an inappropriate or sexual nature.
Oregon Attorneys Protecting Victims Of Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes
Discovering that your family member was a victim of sexual or inappropriate physical abuse breaks that bond of trust you placed in nursing home staff. You need to take immediate action to protect your loved one and hold the facility and individual accountable. The sudden move from the facility is a small part of the trauma suffered. The psychological scars and physical injuries can diminish a senior citizen’s quality of life.

While sexual abuse is criminal in nature, punishment from a judge does little to achieve the level of justice you or your loved one deserves. You may be entitled to civil remedies in the form of direct compensation.

The attorneys at Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP employ all of their resources in pursuing claims of nursing home neglect and abuse. Our legal team combines experience with a comprehensive knowledge of federal and state laws. They conduct detailed, in-depth investigations. Thorough fact-finding often reveals patterns of abuse, particularly from unqualified staff not subject to a criminal background check.

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