Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawyers in Portland, OR

Unfortunately, the death of residents within 6 months of moving to a long-term care facility is astonishingly and unacceptably high.

When a family member dies while in the care of a nursing home, neglect or abuse is often the cause

If you are grieving the loss of a family member in a long-term care facility and questioning the cause of the tragedy, please reach out to our team.

    Our attorneys have decades of experience investigating the root cause of deaths in care facilities. Our team will take on your case on with empathy and focus. We will discover whether the nursing home death was wrongfully caused by neglect or abuse.



    For a wrongful death where the pressure ulcer contributed to the cause of death.



    For numerous families whose family members died because they were given excessive doses of morphine.



    For an individual who suffered a stroke as the result of a medication error.

    What Is a Wrongful Death in a Nursing Home?

    If an elderly loved one in a care facility dies due to abuse or neglect of administrators and/or employees, it may be considered a wrongful death. Some common causes of nursing home wrongful deaths include:

    • Bedsores/pressure wounds
    • Wandering, elopement, and abandonment
    • Medication errors
    • Falls
    • Positional asphyxia

    The Attorney You Choose Makes a Difference

    If you believe your loved one died due to neglect or abuse, you need a lawyer on your side. Investigating a nursing home wrongful death claim in Oregon requires reconstruction of the events that caused the wrongful death. At Pickett Dummigan Weingart, our team will thoroughly review the facility’s history of violating state and federal law and deficiencies in their training program. 

    We’ll use our extensive knowledge, skills, resources, and experience to pursue full and fair emotional and financial compensation for you and your family. 

    Quick Answers from Our Attorneys

    Q: What is the time limit for filing a nursing home wrongful death claim in Oregon?

    “There is a 3-year statute of limitations in Oregon for filing a wrongful death case. Furthermore, the 3 years begins on the date that the final injury occurred, not the date of the person’s passing. If you believe your loved ones death was a result of negligence, bring your case to an attorney as quickly as possible.”

    Kim Weingart

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