Wandering Elopement Abandonment

Wandering, Elopement & Abandonment

Portland Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other institutions that provide long-term care are for-profit companies. Often, when the goal at these facilities is to maximize profits and decrease costs, many times of the result is under staffing and neglect of residents. Payroll reductions affect quality and quantity of employees, and often leave residents vulnerable and alone.By following only the bare minimum of state-mandated staffing regulations, residents don’t get proper supervision and sometimes wander to dangerous locations, risking injuries and harm they would have avoided with proper care and supervision.
Nursing Home Neglect
Placing the safety of your loved one in the hands of a long-term care facility requires a bond of trust that is unfortunately sometimes broken. Poorly trained or unqualified employees, sometimes hired without proper background checks can compromise resident safety. Fewer staff covering a nursing home or assisted care facility leads to fewer eyes on the residents. Fewer attendants to monitor alarms results in a serious breakdown in communications and the possibility of a catastrophic injury to your loved ones.

Wandering, abandonment and elopement are common results of nursing home staffing deficiencies. Falling out of bed can occur when the neglected resident requires a trip to the bathroom. Falls can also occur in the hallways or outside the facility. Preventable accidents can result in broken bones, a potentially fatal injury for the elderly.

At Pickett Dummigan, we investigate not only the incident, but also a nursing home’s history of violating federal and state law. If a pattern of neglect exists that has resulted in residents wandering, we move quickly to pursue an injury claim and fight to maximize compensation.

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