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Workers in construction and industrial settings understand the risks they face on a daily basis. Yet, no matter how proactive they are in protecting themselves from harm, unsafe working conditions and defective equipment can leave them seriously injured.The lawyers at Pickett Dummigan McCall LLP represent hardworking professionals dealing with the pain and suffering from a work-related accident. They employ a work ethic similar to their blue collar counterparts, pursuing compensation and justice for their clients any time, day or night.
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Accidents happen in work environments that enjoy rigid and enforceable safety practices. Yet, an industrial or construction site made unsafe through negligent acts makes those accidents preventable. Your experience and skills cannot shield you from harm if equipment is unreasonably dangerous.

Product manufacturers often put profits over quality in the manufacturing of automated industrial equipment or the proper installation and maintenance of overhead power. Safety may be secondary in the making of forklifts, bucket loaders, tractors, cranes, hoists, and machines used for palletizing, tire changing or sewer pipe installations.

Regulations do little to provide ample punishment. However, an injury claim investigated and established by a seasoned attorney could be the first step in holding them accountable. Our attorneys have a track record of success in maximizing compensation in cases involving improper safety devices and design and manufacturing defects.

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