Train Accidents


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There’s more than one hundred thousand miles of railroad tracks in the US today, keeping railroads an important mode of transportation for goods and passengers of all kinds. With such a vast stretch of tracks and number of trains in use, it is no surprise that accidents take place on a regular basis. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration reports that a train strikes a vehicle or pedestrian every two hours.

When a train does collide with a vehicle or a person, the damage caused by the force of the collision can be catastrophic and deadly. In 1999 over 2,700 railroad accidents caused over 900 fatalities. Dealing with the aftermath of such an event can be extremely difficult – not only from an emotional standpoint, but because of the complicated laws and limitations regarding lawsuits. That is why it is critical that victims and their families hire a law firm experienced with railroad law to represent them as soon as possible.

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Pickett Dummigan Weingart LLP has prosecuted numerous passenger/personal injury actions, arising from on-board and terminal operations. Our experience includes wrongful death cases and crossing litigation, derailment, toxic or hazardous chemical spills, highway crossings, faulty equipment, lack of signals, operator error and lack of maintenance.

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